NES Professional Staff

Jerry Bucklin - NES, Inc. President and Chief Executive Officer

Jerry Bucklin, CEA, CEI, CHMM

President and Chief Executive Officer

Donald Rothenbaum - NES, Inc. SVP and Chief Financial Officer

Donald Rothenbaum

Senior Vice President, EH&S Consultant and Trainer

David Durst - NES, Inc. VP and Principal Industrial Hygienist

David Durst, CIH, CSP, CAC, CPEA

Senior Vice President and Principal Industrial Hygienist

Steve Reichow - NES, Inc. VP and EH&S Training Manager

Steve Reichow, CEA, CDGP, CDGT, CIT

Vice President

Brian Escamilla - NES, Inc. Clan Lab Program Manager

Brian Escamilla

Clan Lab Program Manager and Principal Instructor

Kim Worl - NES, Inc. Principal Industrial Hygienist

Kim Worl, CIH

Principal Industrial Hygienist

John Balobeck - NES, Inc. Managing Director, Bay Area

John Balobeck, CPESC, CPSWQ, CISEC

Managing Director, Bay Area

Jason Wunschel - NES

Jason Wunschel, CAC,

Senior Associate Industrial Hygienist

Kiel McClintock - NES

Kiel McClintock

Environmental Health & Safety Instructor and Consultant

Omar DeGuzman - NES

Omar DeGuzman

Manager, Environmental Health & Safety Training

Brian Luci - NES

Brian Luci

Environmental Health & Safety Instructor

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Natasha McClurg, REHS, QISP

Environmental Health & Safety Specialist

Mark Fitzgerald

Clan Lab Instructor

Brock Hensley - NES

Brock Hensley

Clan Lab Instructor

James Parrish

Environmental Health & Safety Consultant

Peter Cholewinski - NES

Peter Cholewinski, CHST

Site Safety Consultant

Gail Braden, REM

Senior Environmental Specialist