NES Announces New Virtual Training Option

Written by: Joe Mangiardi, NES, Inc.



Written by: Joe Mangiardi, NES, Inc.

Virtual Training Now Offered by NES Virtual training is now offered by NES, allowing participants to attend courses remotely.


Virtual Training with NES

NES is pleased to announce the addition of an exciting new training format: virtual training. We have partnered with international training event coordinator MicroTek to bring our course participants the highest quality learning experience available.

Virtual training utilizes advanced high definition (HD) video conferencing technology to allow students to participate remotely in live, instructor-led classes. All that participants need is a computer with a reliable internet connection—though having a microphone and a webcam is strongly recommended to allow for effective two-way communication with the instructor (many desktop computers and most laptops come equipped with microphone and webcam capabilities).

NES has a 30-year history of providing quality training programs led by seasoned, knowledgeable instructors to environmental health and safety employees and law enforcement personnel throughout California, across the U.S., and internationally. Virtual training will enhance our training offerings by providing a flexible, expanded learning option for participants wherever they may be. And as with all NES courses, if you are an REHS, with virtual training you will still qualify for 1:1 course hours to contact hours credit!


How Virtual Training Works

With virtual training, participants are given the choice to take their courses either in-class or remotely. In-class students attend class as they traditionally would. Remote participants join from the comfort of their own home or workplace, and they are able to see (in HD) and hear everything that an in-class student can—just as if they were physically in the class. Course materials are made available electronically at the time of registration, and manuals can be mailed out to participants ahead of the class date (as long as registration occurs at least a week in advance).


Remote participants can be seen by the instructor just as though they were in the class with the rest of the students. Remote participants can be seen by the instructor just as though they were in the class with the rest of the students.


Regardless of how participants attend a class, they will receive the same opportunity to interact with each other and with the instructor. Large monitors in the instructor’s view allow for face-to-face interaction with remote participants, effectively simulating the experience of being seated alongside the in-class students. There are even virtual “breakout rooms” included as a feature that gives remote students the opportunity to collaborate in groups. In these ways, virtual training offers a hybrid learning environment that incorporates the best of both worlds.

Check out the MicroTek video below presenting a quick tour of the features of virtual training and describing its advantages for learners:



Virtual training differs from more well-known online training formats in that it is live and interactive. Online training programs can provide students with the information needed to meet regulatory requirements, but they do lack the ability to ask an instructor questions as they arise in the moment. Employers and training managers must decide which format will best serve their employees’ needs and the goals of their business as a whole. Virtual training is one more option to add to the previously available choices of in-class or online formats.


The Benefits of Virtual Training

Supported by the seamless, user-friendly technology and customer service support of MicroTek, virtual training is often considered to be a superior overall experience as compared to in-class attendance. Learners (and employers) can realize the advantages of remote learning when the costs of travel and lodging and the increased time away from the job are considered. Employers and training managers quickly come to know that the direct and indirect costs of employees having to travel to a class location often exceed the cost of the training itself!

The MicroTek video below focuses on virtual training from the learner’s perspective:



Virtual training eliminates the worries of traffic, travel arrangements, and time spent away from family and other obligations. It also makes class attendance possible for those who otherwise may not have been able to make it to class at all.


What Does a Virtual Training Participant Need?

As mentioned above, participants need a computer with access to reliable internet. To fully take advantage of the two-way communication built into the technology, having a microphone and a webcam is highly encouraged. There is also a small plug-in for internet browsers required to run the MicroTek software that is compatible with the majority of PCs and Macs. It installs quickly and easily and works with most up-to-date systems and browsers. While the software has been proven to be extremely stable, if issues do arise, MicroTek is available to assist via contact information provided to course participants at the time of registration.


Current availability of NES Virtual Training

The virtual training option is currently available for our Title 22/RCRA Advanced Hazardous Waste Management course, which is our most comprehensive hazardous waste management program (click here to view the Virtual Training – Title 22/RCRA Advanced Hazardous Waste Management listing). This 16-hour, 2-day course covers record keeping and general management requirements, the Uniform Hazardous Waste Manifest System, hazardous waste identification and classification, container management, Land Disposal Restrictions, Tiered Permitting, SB14, the Unified Program, and U.S. DOT regulations affecting hazardous waste generators in California. The value of the advanced version of our hazardous waste management training program comes from the in-depth manner in which we explore and explain the complicated state and federal regulations encountered by affected employees on a daily basis.

Virtual training participants will receive links to download the associated NES student manual and other pertinent student resources.


Virtual training provides an engaging learning experience for both in-class and remote participants. Virtual training provides an engaging learning experience for both in-class and remote participants.


About MicroTek

MicroTek is an industry leader in training delivery solutions including training rooms, virtual training solutions, and training logistic management. In business since 1991, they have a network of over 3,000 training facilities and help to provide 30,000 classes every year. Virtual training participants will receive a class login link and password at the time of registration. MicroTek tech support is included at no additional charge for troubleshooting issues.



If you have any questions about virtual training and/or our Title 22/RCRA Advanced Hazardous Waste Management training program, please feel free to contact NES at or 916-353-2360 / 1-800-NES-ADVISE.