Regulatory Permitting of Reverse Osmosis Treatment Unit

Written by: jayninelessons, NES, Inc.

GE Betz is a worldwide manufacturer and supplier of water treatment chemicals designed to lengthen the lifespan of cooling towers, chillers, boilers, and other water-dependent machines. Chemical water ­treatment products are shipped in totes and tanker trucks that are returned to the GE Betz facility for cleaning and reuse. The cleaning process ­generates approximately 30,000 gallons per year of rinse water that historically was disposed of as ­hazardous waste.

In an effort to reduce costs, NES assisted GE Betz in ­operating, diagramming, and permitting a reverse osmosis (RO) unit to treat the rinsate hazardous waste stream generated at the facility. NES staff evaluated the unit’s operational performance and removal efficiency, developed waste analysis and closure plans, calculated RO Unit closure cost estimates, ­performed an environmental assessment, and obtained an expedited on-site treatment permit pursuant to Permit-by-Rule (PBR) requirements. The RO unit reduced disposal costs by approximately $200,000 annually. In addition, water use costs were reduced.

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