Clandestine Laboratory Training

NES is the worldwide leader in clandestine laboratory safety training for first responders in law enforcement, hazmat, firefighter, and civil support teams. Established in 1987, NES continues to provide training programs and products for first responders to clandestine laboratories, chemical suicides, marijuana grows, marijuana extraction labs, and other potentially hazardous sites. NES supports the training of first responder personnel by providing technical support, consultation, and expert witness testimony for government agencies responsible for investigating these hazardous materials scenes.

NES developed the first Basic Clan Lab and Site Safety Officer programs for the Department of Justice, Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), and has presented these programs for the last 31 years to federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies throughout the United States. Our programs have been taken by over 80,000 agents across the globe.

Leading the Way

We have currently offer the most comprehensive training, technical support, and products used by law enforcement, hazmat, civil support teams, and firefighters across the United States and internationally. For 16 years NES also published a newsletter, the CSAlert, to help ensure students who complete an NES class are updated on any new hazards potentially encountered in the field.

NES remains proactive in the field by constantly updating training programs and products as new drugs, trends, or hazards for first responders emerge and by providing support and annual training at various conferences for law enforcement and hazmat first responder personnel.

We offer many of our clan lab courses at our Folsom, CA training facility including: Basic Clandestine Laboratory SafetyClan Lab Site Safety Officer, Marijuana Grow Hazards Safety Training for Law Enforcement, Advanced Clan Lab Training: Beyond the BasicsClan Lab Chemistry, Explosives and Toxics Clan Labs, and Level A Training. Webinars, such as the extremely popular Fentanyl for First Responders webinar, are also scheduled to deliver timely and effective training on new trends that affect first responders.

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