CDC Guidelines to Creating and Maintaining Healthy Workspaces After COVID-19

The risk of COVID-19 spreading via the dental industry has led to a surge in N95 mask usage in dentist offices. Cal/OSHA requires fit testing for N95 respirators.

NES can help! We are listed as a “Respiratory Resource” for dental provider fit testing services by Sacramento County.

Check out our recent COVID-19 blogs on CDC guidelines and dental industry fit testing by clicking the associated images.

Dental Industry Fit Testing Requirements: Reducing Exposure Amid COVID-19

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Since 1987 Network Environmental Systems, Inc. (NES) has been focused on helping businesses and government agencies protect their employees and the environment in a way that makes business sense.

NES is a nationally recognized leader in environmental, health & safety (EH&S) training and consulting. We provide industrial hygiene consulting services in the areas of indoor air quality, water damage & mold, asbestos, occupational exposure to known or potential hazards, OSHA compliance, and other EH&S concerns. We specialize in delivering environmental compliance expertise on numerous issues, including storm water, air quality, and hazardous waste management. NES is now applying this vast EH&S knowledge to the regulated cannabis industry.

NES regularly performs construction safety observations on a range of projects, supporting safety goals and helping affected personnel work in a culture of heightened safety awareness.

NES offers training on a broad range of environmental health and safety issues and trains thousands of law enforcement personnel to respond to clandestine drug laboratory sites safely and effectively.

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    Learn more about NES‘ health and safety training. Our goal is to keep your employees safe through education and compliance. For REHSs: our CDPH accreditation allows us to provide 1:1 course hours to contact hours for completing any of our in-class or online training programs!


    Learn more about NES’ law enforcement clandestine laboratory training. NES is the foremost expert on clan lab safety issues and trends, ensuring that law enforcement personnel have the knowledge and tools to stay safe.

This video provides basic step-by-step storm water sampling instructions for members of the storm water compliance groups administered by NES. Learn more about the benefits of membership here.

This video presents scenes from a live NES meth cook, a popular feature of our Basic Clandestine Laboratory Safety training program.

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