Canned vs. Customized

About NES – October 19, 2016

Your company is a complex machine. The slightest imperfection in design or execution of workplace processes can lead to catastrophic and costly results. For a business to operate at its safest and most productive level, all components must function properly.

NES knows that every employer has in common the need to minimize risk—but this does not mean that every company is the same. When it comes to satisfying regulatory compliance requirements, many other Environmental Health & Safety consulting and training firms indistinctively blanket their clients with nothing but cookie-cutter programs. This is due in large part to a lack of knowledgeable, experienced staff who could interpret individual scenarios and implement personalized adjustments.

NES’ highly qualified team of consultant and instructor professionals can tailor services to conform to clients’ unique circumstances and specific needs. While canned training programs may be used to meet and satisfy many initial and refresher regulatory training requirements, a customized program allows your employees to be trained on hazards, procedures, operations, etc. that impact their day to day job duties. The finished product is the communication of information relevant to what you do at your place of business. See the difference:

      • Cookie-cutter
      • Non Client-Specific
      • Static Programs
      • By-the-Book Delivery
      • Meets Regulatory Requirements




      • Individualized
      • Client-Specific
      • Flexible Programs
      • Engaging and Personable
      • Provides Higher Level of Understanding for Facility Personnel




Whether your company is in manufacturing, agriculture, viticulture, construction, machinery repair, pharmaceuticals, law enforcement, military operations, or many other public or private industries, we have the Environmental Health & Safety consulting and training expertise to ensure your operations run smoothly.

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