Industrial Hygiene Services

NES provides industrial hygiene services throughout California and the U.S. for a variety of clients with diverse needs and potential workplace hazards. These clients include large public utility companies, construction firms, mining operations, major chemical laboratories, industrial process facilities, and the semiconductor industry.

Our team includes Certified Industrial Hygienists, Certified Lead Inspectors/Assessors, Certified Safety Professionals, Certified Site Surveillance Technicians, Certified Asbestos Consultants, Qualified Industrial Storm Water Practitioners, and mold specialists. No matter the task, NES’ team of industrial hygiene professionals are skilled in conducting cost-effective evaluations to assist clients with OSHA compliance. Industrial hygiene services may involve site evaluations and personnel interviews, employee and area air monitoring, surface and bulk sampling of materials, review of written health and safety plans and programs, and employee training on industrial hygiene topics. These services may be performed in response to a workplace injury or employee concerns regarding potential exposure to workplace contaminants or chemicals, to evaluate potential employee exposure due to the implementation of a new workplace process or procedure, or as part of a regularly scheduled review of company health and safety programs and policies to maintain compliance with OSHA regulations.

Click the following link for more information: NES Industrial Hygiene Flyer

NES also provides qualitative and quantitative fit testing services at our office in Folsom, CA and on-site at clients’ facilities. Pricing is as follows:


Please note the following for fit testing:


To schedule fit testing or for any questions, please call NES at 916-353-2360 / 800-637-2384.

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