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The DTSC Hazardous Waste Generators Program

Written by: Virginia McCormick, NES, Inc. The DTSC Hazardous Waste Generators program, as enforced by local CUPAs, regulates the hazardous waste generated by California businesses.   This article is part of a special dedicated series that covers California CUPAs and the Unified Program. For a complete overview, see the June 2019 NES article California CUPA Overview: […]

Facility Permitting Regulations Now Require Additional Training

Written by: Joe Mangiardi, NES, Inc. Facility permitting regulation changes add new required training elements for TSDFs and LQGs starting in 2019.   Hazardous Waste Facility Permitting Regulations Final regulations, entitled Hazardous Waste Facility Permitting Criteria, have recently been published by the California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC). These finalized amendments to California Code of Regulations, […]

Hazardous Waste Permitting: Proposed Regulations Changes

Written by: Brittiny Harris, NES, Inc. In an effort to protect employees and the environment, hazardous waste permitting criteria regulations are set to change by the end of 2017.   Proposed Updates to Hazardous Waste Permitting Regulations The Department of Toxic Substance Control (DTSC) has recently initiated the public comment period for proposed changes to hazardous […]