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Occupational Silica Inhalation Regulations Under Fire

Written by: Virginia McCormick, NES, Inc. A case report regarding silica-related diseases in the engineered stone fabrication industry has prompted lawmakers to review inhalation standards.   Regulators Seek Review of Occupational Silica Inhalation Following Case Report In October 2019, the U.S. House Committee of Education and Labor issued a letter to the Department of Labor regarding […]

The Cal OES HMBP Program

Written by: Virginia McCormick, NES, Inc. The HMBP program provides vital information in the event of a release or threatened release of a hazardous material.   This article is part of a special dedicated series that covers California CUPAs and the Unified Program. For a complete overview, see the June 2019 NES article California CUPA Overview: […]

National Safety Month 2019

Written by: Virginia McCormick, NES, Inc. The topics for National Safety Month 2019 are Hazard Recognition, Slips, Trips, and Falls, Fatigue, and Impairment.   National Safety Month 2019 Begins In the United States, a worker is injured on the job every seven seconds. This statistic comes from the National Safety Council (NSC), a nonprofit founded in […]

Cal/OSHA vs. Federal OSHA

Written by: Virginia McCormick, NES, Inc. Cal/OSHA maintains a state health & safety plan that differs in some elements from the federal OSHA plan.   Cal/OSHA vs. Federal OSHA: An Overview Since its establishment in late 1970, federal OSHA has maintained authority over assuring worker health & safety in the United States through a variety of […]

The Rise of Workplace Opioid Abuse

Written by: Virginia McCormick, NES, Inc. Employers are increasingly finding themselves confronting the realities of workplace opioid abuse.   Opioid Abuse an Enduring Concern in the Nation The odds of dying accidentally from an opioid overdose rose in 2018 to one in 96, according to an analysis published by Injury Facts, an extension of the National […]

Form 300A Submittal Requirements Uncertain in California

Written by: Joe Mangiardi, NES, Inc. Employers in California and other states have been told by Fed-OSHA that they must electronically submit Form 300A by July 1, 2018—but is this really the case?   300A Submittal Confusion in California (and Beyond) Following establishment of its “Improve Tracking of Workplace Injuries and Illnesses” final rule, the federal Occupational […]

California Workplace Injuries and Illnesses Rate Declines

Written by: Brittiny Harris, NES, Inc.  The rate of reported workplace injuries and illnesses fell slightly between 2015 and 2016.   Lower Rate of Workplace Injuries and Illnesses Reported in 2016 Recent data indicate that the rate of workplace injuries and illnesses in California has decreased from the previous year’s numbers. Compared to the reported number […]